About us

About us

Sherpa Healthcare Nepal (SHN) is a non-profit and non-government social organization, which was established in 2012. The purpose of the organization is to conduct various activities to assist the build hospital and run socially remote villages of the Solukhumbu District, Sotang VDC (village development committee), Ward No. 6, Chitre, Talakharka. This assistance helps over 2250 people in Sotang VDC, Solukhumbu. SHN operates from Talakhraksituated in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. It is only accessible one day or more by bus and 3 days walking from district hedquter or after flying to Phaplu or lamidand from Kathmandu and 3 Days walk.
The organization’s initial focus is to provide better health care and medical facilities. is registered with the district office in Kathmandu and it is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

Social Welfare Council
Affiliated no. 36267

According to the objectives of moving hand-to-hand in the development activities of prosperous nation by generating healthy and capable human resources and providing reasonable health facilities to the habitants of local community of rural and remote area in the District of the Solukhumbu.

so far approximately 340 patients have received free health treatment and medicine from the initial phase of the organization.

According to the objectives of the organization, it has provided appropriate health treatment services/facilities, through proficient experts, identifying the diseases of the disadvantaged group or community residing in the Himalayan sector.


Our Mission

The mission of sherpa Health Care is to create sustainable development programs in the remote areas of Nepal that will improve the quality of life for its people. Sherpa Health Care achieves its mission by providing primary healthcare, community education, and income generation programs that enable people to be self-supporting in the long-term

Our Objectives

  • To improve the health of the orphaned, disadvantaged and remote villagers
  • To assist the rural health post in providing better health care
  • To conduct various programs to promote a better understanding and acceptance of good health practices
  • To educate through seminars, workshops and conferences so that there will be a reduction in premature death and preventable deaths.
  • To co-ordinate and co-operate with local, national and international agencies
  • To identify major issues in regard to health and hygiene and work to overcome these issues
  • To conduct various health campaigns
  • To take initiative for reforming and developing health related courses scientifically
  • To produce proficient health workers and practitioner
  • To conduct program relating to environment cleaning
  • To participate in process of social responsibilities.
  • To conduct the program like making the health services accessible, through the qualified health experts, to the ordinary citizens residing in the rural and remote area, who are deprived even from the general health services too
  • To encourage teaching health related education in the teaching institutions from the primary level
  • To encourage the activities producing health service providers
  • To conduct the public awareness program directly connected with environment health
  • To promote awareness and public consciousness relating to health.

Who We Are?

Health and education are the main wealth of people. As a citizen they should enjoy the basic health and education from the state. However, all the people have no equal access to the basic services. Marginalized people; especially the disables, neglected, poor and children are usually excluded from attaining health services and quality education.
In addition, people in the rural areas are not aware of their rights. They need to be told about their rights, as well as responsibilities. Knowledge about their rights enhances them to feel their responsibility as well which is crucial for nation building. Due to widespread disparity, exclusion and discrimination still hovering in the remote areas, there is a requisite to make them aware on these areas. In addition, they need awareness in health, hygiene, balanced diet, gender and inclusion so that their lives would become better. And they will be able to live a quality life.
Due to population increase, resources are not adequate to all the people of the community. The havoc pattern of resource consumption has led to actively degradation of natural resources. It has led the rural people towards non availability of natural resources, environmental degradation, thereby making them more vulnerable to natural calamities.
Although, Nepal holds enormous possibility in tourism, its benefit has always clustered to the rich people. Most of the income earned in the country goes to the investors and middlemen so that the benefit never trickles down to the poor. Those people, in the areas of tourist attraction can reap some benefit for them. This could be an instrument to escape out of the widespread poverty they’re living with.
In order to address the aforementioned problems, Sherpa healthcare Nepal was established 2012. The organization is not-for-profit, non aligned, and nongovernmental project.


Where We Do

Sherpa Healthcare Nepal (SHN) has built heath centre and operating  in the remote villages of Solukhumbu District, Sotang VDC (village development committee). This health centre helps over 2250 people in Sotang VDC, Solukhumbu every year. It is only accessible one day or more by bus and 3 days walking from district headquarter or after flying to Phaplu or Lamidanda from Kathmandu and 3 Days walk on foot.

Community Health Post


Budget Management

  • Financial donations for ongoing necessary expenses
  • Donations of medical materials and pharmaceuticals
  • Financial sponsorship on a monthly / yearly basis


  • Regular membership fees and occasional donations from members of the local community.
  • Funds from various international NGO, bilateral and multilateral agencies.
  • Showing of films and cultural programs.
  • Sale of various products and produce from Sherpa healthcare T-shirts.
  • Donations from regular international donors.

We thank all donors for their kind support.